Welcome to Our House The Old Bracondale School House - Norwich

The old Bracondale School House was built in the late 1890's. Originally built as a large detached house, turrets were added some 15 years later. During the 1950's, the house was bought and changed into part of the Bracondale School complex, consisting of the Upper School and Junior School buildings. In 2002, we bought the school and changed it back into a house. With much research we endeavor to put the house back to its original look, both inside and out. This is an on going project. The grounds for the house include a full size detached garage for four cars, with workshop plus 1 acre of land and a full match size tennis court.

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April 2011 Solar Power Install...

In order to make the most of our sunny position, a 4KW solar electricity system is installed on our main slate South facing roof. This is currently providing around 30KW per day and more on sunny days.

Our House

This year has been busy with several home improvement changes...

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Clearance of lower lawn

We cleared our lower lawn area and planted new grass seed to complete the lawn from border end to end..

Major planting of fruits

We have planted 4 Gooseberry, 4 Redcurrant and 4 Loganberry bushes, along with Mint, Rhubarb and several herbs.

Clearance of lower lawn bank

Our work was cut out but we cleared our lower lawn bank of weeds ready to plant more grass seed.